Knocked up Knockouts is a FUN course
that brings mums-to-be together.


Endorsed by Bobby Teoh, OB, Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick


What you will get from the Knocked up Knockouts programme:

• Expert coaches leading you in core control, balance and body awareness

• An easier and more comfortable pregnancy

• A stronger, fitter body during pregnancy (which of course assists development of your baby)

• A body more prepared for the delivery of your baby and the months that follow

• Education on the physiological changes you can expect, and how to manage them


We will give you a total body workout.  At the same time we individualise each session to ensure you are always comfortable and well supported by us and the group.  You will learn the correct technique of a variety of exercises, including pre-natal flexibility work that you can also do safely at home using nothing more than your own body weight and a fitball.  You will also master breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques to help you better manage the challenging times ahead.


Join the “Knocked Up Knockouts” 4 week programme to discover exactly what your body needs physically to make pregnancy easier, more comfortable and more fun!



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You're having a baby!


Your body is about to undergo dramatic changes and endure unusual stresses, and needs to be loved and respected more than ever before!















Heidi & Craig are so professional, passionate and dedicated to what they do that it is hard not to feel motivated and inspired by that. The Knocked up Knockouts course was exactly what I needed to get me through the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I am positive that the exercises you taught us and the relaxation and mind shift to gear me up for the labour helped me have an easy, drug free and really positive labour experience. My little boy is thriving and so am I after an invigorating experience which I will always remember.

Roz of Maroubra