LARGE (Luke Audsley) of the ansarada 48ers:


When I was first signed up to start training with Breathe Fire, I thought, this is just another boot camp and I will probably hate it! But I was wrong! The huge emphasis the crew place on form, as well as incorporating a lot of the balance and flexibility exercises you do really is unique and in my opinion, the best way to train your body – with minimimal stress, but maximum results.

JAGUAR (Jay Hou) of The Dream Team:


I have been training with Breathe Fire for the last 11 weeks and have enjoyed every minute of the sessions. They are both extremely knowledgeable with their training and techniques which has helped me improve my fitness, and I actually enjoy exercising! Our netball team will certainly be stronger because of the training we have had. I have learnt a lot more about my sport and the key skills both the team and myself can continue to improve upon. I can't wait to test it out on the netball courts!


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It doesn't matter if you are a large corporate group, elite sports team, social athelete entity or small business operation, we know how to ignite the spark within!









Depending upon your team's requirements, we:

  • Progress your fitness levels with a heavy focus on safe execution of movement, balance, stability and flexibility;
  • Get you motivated by competitive individual and group challenges;
  • Track your progress with regular fitness testing and comprehensive health assessments.


Ulimately, we will improve team morale, cohesion and performance!